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Access Jupyter Notebook on a Remote System on Local Machine

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Step1: Open terminal and Login to your remote server and cd into the folder where the ipynb file exists. Make sure to activate virtual env if it exists


jupyter notebook filename.ipynb --no-browser --port=[port1]

You can specify a port of your choice.

Example: $ jupyter notebook plot_training_progress.ipynb --no-browser --port=9395

A similar message as the following will be presented on the terminal

“ Or copy and paste one of these URLs:



Open another tab and enter the following command

ssh -N -f -L localhost:[port2]:localhost:[port1] username@your_remote_host_name

Specify a port number for port2 and enter the same port number as in the previous terminal for port1.

Example command: $ ssh -N -f -L localhost:8990:localhost:9395 aishwarya@lingo


Open a browser and enter


Example: localhost:8990

It will ask for a token number

Step5: Copy the token number from the link such as “549677d3ce66399f983f9f160a41ddba5336cca6a569c860” and paste it in the field for token number. You will now be able to access the jupyter files on your remote system in your local machine.

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