• Aishwarya Pothula

Advantages and Disadvantages Of RPC And Message-Oriented Communication

RPC Advantages

  • Allows for offloading computation from devices to servers (which have more compute capabilities)

  • Provides functionality to harness functions that just cannot be run locally

  • Increases access transparency through client and server stubs. The internal message passing mechanism of RPC is hidden from the user.

  • Remote procedure calls support process-oriented and thread oriented models.

  • The effort to maintain code is minimum in remote procedure calls.

  • Remote procedure calls can be used in a distributed environment and in the local environment

  • The simplicity of implementation and straightforward mechanism

RPC Disadvantages

  • Heterogeneity in client and server such as different versions of OS, different languages, different hardware architecture etc makes it difficult to implement RPC

  • Synchronous data exchange-A client is blocked till its request has been processed at the server

  • Difficult to scale parts of the system and deal with service failures- requires a lot of bandwidth making it expensive. There is no flexibility in RPC for hardware architecture due to the tight coupling of producers and consumers

  • No Built-in support for one-many communications

  • With RPC data consistency can be assured

Message-Oriented Communication Advantages

  • Systems are efficient in coping with traffic bursts

  • Lesser bandwidth is required for interaction than for an RPC interaction

  • Remote systems need not be available for calling program to send a message

  • Loose coupling between producers and consumers-allows flexible systems to scale

  • Offers flexible integration of multiple systems

Message-Oriented Communication Disadvantages

  • The major disadvantage is that it requires a message transfer agent in the architecture- can lead to performance degradation, make the system expensive to maintain

  • Loose-coupling also creates problems- with communication being asynchronous, the calling client can continue to load work upon the recipient until the resources need to complete the first task are depleted and the task fails.

  • Communication being asynchronous, there is more probability for temporal inaccuracies in data

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