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How to pass Agent Observations from Unity to Python

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

FloatPropertiesChannel of MLagents (0.14.1)

In our example, agents observations can be anything the agent perceives in its environment through vision, touch, audio or proprioception. In this particular case, we are trying to send observations in the form of float from Unity to Python. This is just a trial scenario. The actual observations will be vectors.

Float properties of the instance are accessed via FloatPropertiesChannel, part of the plugin Python API. This side channel consists of a collection of float properties which can be used to transfer data that is designated as a float property in the Unity environment.

The FloatPropertiesChannel, among others, supports two methods : setproperty() and getproperty(). The setproperty method is used to set the value of the property. The getproperty method is used to access the value of the property with Python.

For example

In Unity – C # script attached to the agent

# setting variable to be of the type floatproperty

var variable_name = Academy.Instance.FloatProperties;
variable_name.SetProperty("property_name", (float)property_to_be_passed);

In IPython

import mlagents_envs
from mlagents_envs.environment import UnityEnvironment
from mlagents_envs.side_channel.float_properties_channel 
import FloatPropertiesChannel

# creating a float properties channel

channel_name = FloatPropertiesChannel()

# assigning the Unity environment executable to a variable

env_name = UnityEnvironment(base_port = port_number, file_name = "env_executable_name, " side_channels = [channel_name])

# attribute value assigned to var_name variable

done = False
while not done :
var_name = channel_name.get_property("property_name")

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