• Aishwarya Pothula

Lamports Logical Clocks To Derive A Total Order Of Events

Totally ordered Multicasting Algorithm using Lamport's Update message is time-stamped with sender's logical time Update message is multicast (including sender itself) When a message is received It is put into local queue ordered according to timestamp, Multicast acknowledgements

Why acknowledgements are needed?

Acknowledgements are needed for each message when using Lamport's logical clocks to derive a total order of events in distributed systems as they ensure that messages are processed in the same order at each replica of the resource. The ordering of the acknowledgements according to the following

Pi sends an acknowledgement to Pj if Pi has not made an update request Pi's identifier is greater than Pj's identifier Pi's update has been processed;


Delivering the message to applications only when it is at the head of the queue and has been acknowledged by all involved processes ensures that updates are processed in the same order at all the servers.

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