SEDRo: A Simulated Environment for Developmental Robotics

October 26, 2020

2020 Joint IEEE 10th International Conference on Development and Learning and Epigenetic Robotics (ICDL-EpiRob)

Even with impressive advances in application specific models, we still lack knowledge about how to build a model that can learn in a human-like way and do multiple tasks. To learn in a human-like way, we need to provide a diverse experience that is comparable to human's. In this paper, we introduce our ongoing effort to build a simulated environment for developmental robotics (SEDRo). SEDRo provides diverse human experiences ranging from those of a fetus to a 12th month old. A series of simulated tests based on developmental psychology will be used to evaluate the progress of a learning model. We anticipate SEDRo to lower the cost of entry and facilitate research in the developmental robotics community.